I joined the Department of Music at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2013 and am proud to work alongside its outstanding students and faculty. To learn about the department's programs and upcoming events, check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel

This spring, I am teaching two courses: MUSC 116 Theory II and MUSC 216 Theory IV. I will also be offering private lessons through IUP's Community Music School. Next fall, I will teach MUSC 111 Theory Skills I, MUSC 113 Theory I Practicum, MUSC 114 Analysis of Popular Music, and MUSC 215 Theory III.  


Sample Syllabus 

I developed this syllabus and calendar for MUSC 116 Theory II, which I taught last spring. The course is involved to a great extent with complete works (or movements) from the Western canon.

Sample Handout 

I created this handout for students in MUSC 212 Theory Skills IV and MUSC 216 Theory IV to make it easier for them to comprehend trichords aurally, both in repertoire and the abstract. 

Sample Assignment 

I produce my own assignments so that I can tailor them to a given group of students or the topics I  emphasize during class. This assignment is from MUSC 216 Theory IV, which I taught last spring.